Hand Pans and Steeldrums

Hand Pans and Steel Pans

Steel pans first originated in the West Indies, and evolved from scrap metal used for percussion. Today, they have become popular all over the world, and their unique and charming sound has recently inspired similar inverted models. These inverted steel drums or “Hand Pans”, have similarly hammered notes but are played more by hand than with mallets. Hand pans are considered a transformative progression in instrument innovation in recent years. Both are available in a variety of sizes and unique tunings.

  • HAPI Drums

    Somewhat of a combination between the hand pan and the African log drum, these instruments, like log drums, are most often played with a pair of mallets. These come in a range of tunings, colours, and sizes.  We also stock magnets for re-tuning these drums, as well as bags.  All models come with a pair […]


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