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At Gandharva Loka, we want to share our love of world music with you, and so we offer video tutorials on You Tube, organize a wide variety of free and low cost workshops and try to connect you with local teachers to help you learn about our instruments.

Our workshops include “Sound Journeys”, which, on request, we also offer at schools, community centers, yoga studios and other such venues. Our sound journeys allow participants to experience the powerful healing resonance of ancient and modern musical instruments: singing bowls, gongs, bells, sansulas, chimes, shaman drums, handpans and others woven seamlessly together into a journey of sound that transports you to silence of meditation.

To book or attend one of our workshops, please contact us.

 Below are just a sampling of our demonstration and tutorial videos.

Yesterday evening on July twentieth, my partner and I traveled to Granville Island, for our free introduction into what was our ‘Sound Journey’. We both left this experience with lifted spirits and soft smiles.

At the beginning of my journey, the loud music was a beautifully alarming and chilling one. Which then transmuted and progressed into a inspiring personal ever growing with depth, inward adventure. The various instruments used, brought about that depth. From the ever changing intensities of resonance that danced in and around us, to the level of tone each one brought, it was a true delight.

Thank you very much, for sharing this space and the opportunity to be around this music.

Carl Hart