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mi-sansula-lrgSansulas have a richer, more mellow and resonant sound than that of the traditional kalimba which they are based upon. The metal bars are produced precisely and are tuned to A minor with additional tunings in B and F. If you hold the sansula on your lap or over an even surface you can create intense effects like vibrato or wah-wah effect by lifting and lowering the instrument. Sansulas are available in three models: Basic, Renaissance and Deluxe

The Basic and Renaissance models are covered with a natural looking synthetic skin which is resistant to climatic changes and is quite durable. The Renaissance is particularly durable because of the rounded 'wall' that protects the edges of the skin making it suitable in school and family settings. The Sansula Deluxe is the most robust model and perfect for heavy use and the playful hands of children. It has a natural skin that can be tuned with a small key. For all models the tuning is the same: A minor with additional notes.