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wi-kazoos-lrgThe Kazoo is a simple musical instrument that everyone can play. you sing into the wider opening your own voice causes a vellum membrane to vibrate. It produces a saxophone like sound like when blowing on a comb The Kazoo originates from the Mirliton, a traditional African instrument. In the Middle Ages, a different form of the Mirliton enjoyed popularity, and our photo shows this old type: it is made from clay, consists of 2 pieces and can have a length of 27cm. The upper part has many holes (to make the sound) and a hole at the side serves as a mouthpiece. The Mirliton resembles an ocarina. The sound quality varies according to the material. The most common and the cheapest one is plastic, which amplifies the squeaky sound. Kazoos from metal sound lighter and are more stable, but more expensive too. Kazoos from wood are more beautiful and offer a warm soft sound.