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Monochord and Monolini

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monochord2The Monochord was developed in Ancient Greece and was used to illustrate mathematical properties of musical pitch, most famously by Pythagoras. The name, meaning “one string” is slightly misleading, as they generally have two or more. If you slowly pass your hands alternately over the strings without a break, you get a long-lasting sound that is extraordinarily rich in overtones. The absolutely precise tuning of all strings is essential for the full creation of overtones, otherwise the sound is disharmonious and empty. Quite often, the Monochord is used for meditation music, overtone singing and musical therapy, because the sound is relaxing and balancing for almost everyone. It can also be played without any musical training. Nowadays, the monochord is sometimes combined with other overtone instruments, such as with the Indian Tambura and Japanese Koto in order to create the KoTaMo.