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Sound Cradle

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sti-sound-cradles-lrgThe Sound Cradle is a modern therapeutic instrument. Either in lying or sitting position you can enjoy a remarkable sound experience. The solid semi-circular cradle bowl is covered with strings on the sides, 18 strings per side. It is constructed in such a way so as to be used as a cradle, a tunnel, a sound chair or in standing position. Once inside the resonating chamber, you will notice that the instrument is much louder than when heard from outside. Many compare the experience to being inside a cello or a harp. You will also notice, particularly if you have your entire body in contact with the instrument, that the resonance creates a wonderful massaging effect. The instrument is mainly mostly tuned in intervals that most people find relaxing: fifths and octaves, one side tuned to one note, and the other side tuned to the other, with two base strings on each side with are an octave below the main set of strings.